Print data frames in knitr using huxtable, options, ...)



A huxtable.


Not used.


Not used.


huxtable defines a knit_print method for data.frames. This converts the data frame to a huxtable, with add_colnames = TRUE, themes it using theme_plain() and prints it. It also tries to set a few intelligent defaults, e.g. wrapping long columns and setting an appropriate width. To turn this behaviour off, set options(huxtable.knit_print_df = FALSE). To change the theme, set options("huxtable.knit_print_df_theme") to a one-argument function which should return the huxtable.

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if (FALSE) { # in your knitr document mytheme <- function (ht) { ht <- set_all_borders(ht, 0.4) ht <- set_all_border_colors(ht, "darkgreen") ht <- set_background_color(ht, evens, odds, "salmon") ht } options(huxtable.knit_print_df_theme = mytheme) # groovy! data.frame( a = 1:5, b = 1:5 ) }