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Quick introduction to huxtable


Package options


Frequently Asked Questions, including how to get help


Changes to the huxtable package


Different ways to select rows and columns

mapping-functions mapping_functions

How to set cell properties variably by cell contents

Creating and manipulating huxtables

Create, subset, split and join huxtables

`[`(<huxtable>) `[<-`(<huxtable>) `$<-`(<huxtable>) `[[<-`(<huxtable>)

Subset a huxtable

add_colnames() add_rownames()

Add column or row names


Add a row with a footnote

cbind(<huxtable>) rbind(<huxtable>)

Combine rows or columns


Convert a column to header rows

huxtable() hux() tribble_hux()

Create a huxtable

as_huxtable() as_hux() is_huxtable() is_hux()

Convert objects to huxtables

insert_column() insert_row()

Insert a row or column

split_across() split_down()

Split a huxtable into multiple huxtables

restack_across() restack_down()

Restack huxtables across/down the page

add_rows() add_columns()

Insert one huxtable into another


Use dplyr verbs with huxtable objects


Transpose a huxtable

Size and position

Size and position properties

col_width() `col_width<-`() set_col_width()

Set the width of table columns

height() `height<-`() set_height()

Set the table height

position() `position<-`() set_position()

Set the table's position with respect to surrounding content

row_height() `row_height<-`() set_row_height()

Set the height of table rows

width() `width<-`() set_width()

Set the table width

Table-level properties

Other table-level properties

caption() `caption<-`() set_caption()

Set the table caption

caption_pos() `caption_pos<-`() set_caption_pos()

Position the table's caption

caption_width() `caption_width<-`() set_caption_width()

Set the width of the table caption

label() `label<-`() set_label()

Set a table label for external referencing

latex_float() `latex_float<-`() set_latex_float()

Set the position of the table float in LaTeX

tabular_environment() `tabular_environment<-`() set_tabular_environment()

Set the table's tabular environment in LaTeX

table_environment() `table_environment<-`() set_table_environment()

Set the "table" environment in LaTeX

Text properties

Style text in table cells

background_color() `background_color<-`() set_background_color() map_background_color()

Set cell background color

bold() `bold<-`() set_bold() map_bold() italic() `italic<-`() set_italic() map_italic()

Make cell text bold or italic

escape_contents() `escape_contents<-`() set_escape_contents() map_escape_contents()

Escape or unescape text in cells


Format numbers as percent


Use prettyNum() to format numbers

font() `font<-`() set_font() map_font()

Set the font for cell text

font_size() `font_size<-`() set_font_size() map_font_size()

Make text larger or smaller

markdown() `markdown<-`() set_markdown() map_markdown()

Interpret cell content as markdown


Set cell contents, interpreting them as markdown

contents() `contents<-`() set_contents() map_contents()

Set cell contents

number_format() `number_format<-`() set_number_format() map_number_format()

Set how numbers are formatted in cells

na_string() `na_string<-`() set_na_string() map_na_string()

Change how NA values are printed

stripe() everywhere() evens() odds()

Return every n row or column numbers

stripe_rows() stripe_columns()

Set background color stripes

text_color() `text_color<-`() set_text_color() map_text_color()

Set the color of text in cells

header_cols() `header_cols<-`() set_header_cols() header_rows() `header_rows<-`() set_header_rows()

Mark rows or columns as headers

Borders and padding

Set borders, border colors and cell padding

left_border() `left_border<-`() set_left_border() map_left_border() right_border() `right_border<-`() set_right_border() map_right_border() top_border() `top_border<-`() set_top_border() map_top_border() bottom_border() `bottom_border<-`() set_bottom_border() map_bottom_border()

Set borders

left_border_color() `left_border_color<-`() set_left_border_color() map_left_border_color() right_border_color() `right_border_color<-`() set_right_border_color() map_right_border_color() top_border_color() `top_border_color<-`() set_top_border_color() map_top_border_color() bottom_border_color() `bottom_border_color<-`() set_bottom_border_color() map_bottom_border_color()

Set border colors

left_border_style() `left_border_style<-`() set_left_border_style() map_left_border_style() right_border_style() `right_border_style<-`() set_right_border_style() map_right_border_style() top_border_style() `top_border_style<-`() set_top_border_style() map_top_border_style() bottom_border_style() `bottom_border_style<-`() set_bottom_border_style() map_bottom_border_style()

Set border styles

left_padding() `left_padding<-`() set_left_padding() map_left_padding() right_padding() `right_padding<-`() set_right_padding() map_right_padding() top_padding() `top_padding<-`() set_top_padding() map_top_padding() bottom_padding() `bottom_padding<-`() set_bottom_padding() map_bottom_padding()

Set padding

set_all_borders() map_all_borders() set_all_border_colors() map_all_border_colors() set_all_border_styles() map_all_border_styles() set_all_padding() map_all_padding() set_tb_padding() map_tb_padding() set_lr_padding() map_lr_padding() set_tb_borders() map_tb_borders() set_lr_borders() map_lr_borders() set_tb_border_colors() map_tb_border_colors() set_lr_border_colors() map_lr_border_colors() set_tb_border_styles() map_tb_border_styles() set_lr_border_styles() map_lr_border_styles()

Set left, right, top and bottom properties

set_outer_borders() set_outer_border_colors() set_outer_border_styles() set_outer_padding()

Set borders and padding around a rectangle of cells


Create a border object


Get thickness of a brdr() object


Change the layout of cells and tables

align() `align<-`() set_align() map_align()

Set the horizontal alignment of cell content

rowspan() `rowspan<-`() set_rowspan() map_rowspan() colspan() `colspan<-`() set_colspan() map_colspan()

Extend cells over multiple rows and/or columns

rotation() `rotation<-`() set_rotation() map_rotation()

Rotate text within cells

valign() `valign<-`() set_valign() map_valign()

Set the vertical alignment of cell content

wrap() `wrap<-`() set_wrap() map_wrap()

Wrap cell content over multiple lines

merge_across() merge_down()

Merge cells across rows or down columns


Merge a range of cells


Merge repeated rows into multirow cells

Property manipulation

Change multiple properties with one command, and set defaults

style_headers() style_header_rows() style_header_cols() style_cells() set_cell_properties()

Set multiple properties on headers

set_default_properties() get_default_properties()

Default huxtable properties

Mapping functions

Set cell properties depending on cell contents


Map cell contents to properties using case_when


Map numeric cell contents smoothly to colors


Map cell contents to cell properties using a function or scale

by_quantiles() by_equal_groups()

Map numeric quantiles to cell properties


Map numeric ranges to cell properties


Map cells matching a string or regex to cell properties

by_rows() by_cols()

Set cell properties by row or column


Map specific cell values to cell properties


Print to LaTeX, HTML, Word, Excel, RTF, markdown or on-screen


Convert a huxtable for Word/Powerpoint


Convert a huxtable for Excel


Guess knitr output format

print_html() to_html() print_notebook()

Create HTML representing a huxtable

print_latex() to_latex()

Create LaTeX representing a huxtable

print_md() to_md()

Create Markdown representing a huxtable

print_rtf() to_rtf()

Create RTF representing a huxtable

print_screen() to_screen()

Print a huxtable on screen

print(<huxtable>) format(<huxtable>)

Format and print huxtables using a default method


Print a huxtable within knitr


Print data frames in knitr using huxtable


Create RTF font and color tables

Quick output

Print huxtables or other data to a new file, using a one-liner

quick_latex() quick_pdf() quick_html() quick_docx() quick_pptx() quick_xlsx() quick_rtf()

Quickly print objects to a PDF, TeX, HTML, Microsoft Office or RTF document


Apply a coherent style to a huxtable

theme_plain() theme_bright() theme_basic() theme_compact() theme_striped() theme_grey() theme_blue() theme_orange() theme_green() theme_article() theme_mondrian()

Theme a huxtable

Row specs

Specify rows and columns in set_ functions

stripe() everywhere() evens() odds()

Return every n row or column numbers


Return the last n rows or columns

LaTeX dependencies

Manage LaTeX packages for huxtable

report_latex_dependencies() check_latex_dependencies() install_latex_dependencies()

Manage LaTeX dependencies for huxtables

Regression tables

Create a table of regressions


Create a huxtable to display model output

tidy_override() tidy_replace() tidy(<tidy_override>) glance(<tidy_override>) nobs(<tidy_override>)

Change a model's tidy output


Other functions


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