report_latex_dependencies prints out and/or returns a list of LaTeX dependencies for adding to a LaTeX preamble.

check_latex_dependencies checks whether the required LaTeX packages are installed.

install_latex_dependencies is a utility function to install and/or update the LaTeX packages that huxtable requires. It calls tinytex::tlmgr_install() if possible, or tlmgr install directly.

report_latex_dependencies(quiet = FALSE, as_string = FALSE)

check_latex_dependencies(quiet = FALSE)




Logical. For report_latex_dependencies, suppress printing of dependencies. For check_latex_dependencies, suppress messages.


Logical: return dependencies as a string.


If as_string is TRUE, report_latex_dependencies returns a string of "\\\\usepackage\\{...\\}" statements; otherwise it returns a list of rmarkdown::latex_dependency objects, invisibly.

check_latex_dependencies() returns TRUE or FALSE.

install_latex_dependencies returns TRUE if tlmgr returns 0.


#> \usepackage{array} #> \usepackage{caption} #> \usepackage{graphicx} #> \usepackage{siunitx} #> \usepackage[normalem]{ulem} #> \usepackage{colortbl} #> \usepackage{multirow} #> \usepackage{hhline} #> \usepackage{calc} #> \usepackage{tabularx} #> \usepackage{threeparttable} #> \usepackage{wrapfig} #> \usepackage{adjustbox} #> \usepackage{hyperref} #> \usepackage{fontspec} #> % These are LaTeX packages. You can install them using your LaTex management software, #> % or by running `huxtable::install_latex_dependencies()` from within R. #> % Other packages may be required if you use non-standard tabulars (e.g. tabulary).
if (FALSE) { check_latex_dependencies() } if (FALSE) { install_latex_dependencies() }